Have Fun  •  Meet People  •  Learn New Skills

We have opportunities, large and small. Volunteer a few hours or fill an open position on the board.

Have Fun  •  Meet People  •  Learn New Skills

We have opportunities, large and small. Volunteer a few hours or fill an open position on the board.

Helping Hands Always Welcome!

Our PPSCC community is growing because we are doing a great job, present two respected, high quality pastel exhibitions each year, and numerous workshops with preeminent master pastelists from around the country!

But… we cannot do it alone. Being a strong player in our growth has many benefits.

  • When you get involved you help ensure that PPSCC thrives. There are many benefits to supporting PPSCC with your time and energy. You enjoy camaraderie and an opportunity to meet and work with fellow artists. You enjoy the programs and events that much more because you know you were a part of its success, and quite frankly, because you know more people at the event which makes it more fun.
  • Your exposure to the larger pastel community also grows. You get to meet people within our group and from other pastel associations, which ultimately increases your exposure in both the local and national art scene. People get to know you and therefore want to get to know the artwork that you produce.
  • You feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Getting involved feeds your sense of pride because you are helping support the community that helps support your passion.

To ensure the sustainability of PPSCC, we need additional hands and minds to do that best. We know that many of you have skills that we could use to accomplish our goals. Within this restructure we want to make the tasks smaller and more directed so our volunteers don’t feel like they are in this for life. We intend to use technology (conference calls, file sharing, etc.) to enable our non-local members to fully participate as volunteers. Our board of directors has taken on the major coordinating roles in this process. The board will continue to handle the administrative tasks that make our organization and events run smoothly. But we need volunteers we can rely on to help with the smaller tasks throughout the year.

You all have different talents.

Do you enjoy hospitality?
Do you have good computer skills?
Do you have a handle on the world of promotion and advertising?
Are you willing to help with setup or breakdown at shows?

Where could you fit into this picture? PPSCC exists to serve its members, and membership is more than just paying your annual membership dues. Regardless of whether you are local to the Cape or many states away, you may be called on for one small task a year. That’s all. The more hands we have the less work for everyone. Please step up to the plate and give to the community that has given so much to you. Please follow this link to tell us how you want to help.

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