Stone Scholarship

Each year, the PPSCC Stone Scholarship provides funds for up to three qualified PPSCC members to study with an award-winning pastel instructor in a hands-on workshop environment. The program is available for paid PPSCC members with non-professional status. (not yet won any national or international awards, not a signature member of any art society, and not represented by a gallery.)

The fund would enable the three recipients to participate in one of the following for that year:

  • a one-day Winter Blahs workshops (two will be awarded to two individuals)
  • a 2-day Masters Pastel Workshop (given in the summer and the fall. Only a seat to one of these workshops would be awarded)

In 2021, we are offering one scholarship in the form of one 2-day Masters pastel workshop. The other two recipients will be eligible for the 2022 Winter Blahs workshops.

Applicants will be selected based on potential and interest in participating in a PPSCC workshop. The selection committee will review and select three recipients before the Fall Master workshop deadline so it could be announced at the FPO Awards Ceremony along with the other scholarship recipients.

Download Application

How Do I Apply?

  • Complete the application form by following the directions on the pdf.
  • Submit 5 examples of artwork via email. Work must have been done in the past 2 years, not done under the supervision of an instructor, and must be 80% soft pastel.

Named after the PPSCC former president and founding member Barbara Stone, this program honors the PPSCC’s interest in encouraging and promoting the development of skills in the pastel medium. The scholarship program was initiated and generously funded for five years by Barbara Stone’s dear friend, Nancy Remaley. Our hope is that this wonderful member benefit will continue far beyond the five years, creating an ongoing scholarship fund through future donations and fundraisers.

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