Pastel Society of Cape Cod
Board of Directors

President: Dave Kaphammer

Vice President: Janet Schwartz
Treasurer: Shuk Susan Lee
FPO Chairs: Cheryl Wildermuth and Karen Mackiewicz
Member Show Chairs: Valerie Mandra
Master Workshops: Betsy Payne Cook
Winter Workshops: Janet Schwartz and Dave Kaphammer (acting chairs)
Signature Membership: Laurinda O’Connor
Communications Chair: Christine Bodnar
Membership: Laura Lincoln
Website Manager: Tami Amoroso
Scholarship Coordinator: Ellie Freedman
Volunteer Coordinator: TBD
IAPS Contact: Eileen Casey

Please contact Dave Kaphammer, President, if you are interested in an open role or would like more information. It’s a great way to give back!

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