2022 For Pastels Only

“For Pastels Only on Cape Cod” is Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod’s (PPSCC) premier juried show and sale, and features paintings by nationally-recognized contemporary artists with a wide range of artistic styles and subjects, including coastal scenes, still life, and figurative work.

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How to Purchase

If you see a painting online you like, call the Cultural Center of Cape Cod at 508-394-7100 and reference the “For Pastels Only” exhibit. Be prepared to tell them the name of the painting, artist, and price.

Top Three Award Winners

Best In Show

Maureen Spinale, “Bending in the Wind”

Juror’s Comments:

When I walked in this piece just struck me from a distance. I was told once that “great art can be seen from the cheap seats” and this piece by Maureen doesn’t disappoint. I love the limited palette, the variety of texture, the strong vertical shapes and the feeling of motion here. The scale helps you feel immersed in a forest, giving the sense of being in that place. There is something special about paintings that can take you somewhere else entirely. Congratulations Maureen.

Award of Excellence

Corey Pitkin, “Punk”

Juror’s Comments:

This piece in contrast is quite a bit smaller. But equally powerful. There’s this look of sensuality and lust in this face that is so beautifully rendered. This piece has great command of very slight value differences that really pulls light across those eyelids and the tip of the nose. The somewhat elevated position of the head adds to the drama although the colors themselves are quite restrained. A really beautiful example of an interesting composition, hard and soft edges, nuanced value patterns, and excellent mark making and control. Beautiful piece Corey.

Award of Honor

Christine Bodnar, “Whitefish Pointe”

Juror’s Comments:

This piece has a feeling of a windswept coastline and has great motion and compositional elements. I love how the mark making pushes the eye around the painting, a beautiful palette of greens and purples with undertones of ocher and really clean mark making makes this painting really successful. The beautiful use of values and mark making really move the viewer around this gem of a painting. Congratulations Christine!

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Award Winners